The Simple Collective is a free monthly publication featuring poems, written works and fine art pieces produced and distributed in Tacoma, WA.

The Simple Collective is always receiving submissions that will be reviewed for both the physical publication and the blog. Print submissions and black and white drawings are ideal for physical publication while submissions of digital and analog photography as well as color paintings/drawings and videos will be considered for publication on the blog. Please include  Title, Name and city of residence with all of your pieces. All submitted work will be reviewed by a blind jury to separate the work from any bias, but please don’t submit tasteless things as the administration will be unhappy with you.

Submit frequently and prosper.

Please send all submissions, in the form of an attachment to thesimplecollective@gmail.com.

(A snail mail outlet for submission will be available within the next month.)

The Simple Collective can now accept audio files. If you have recorded your poetry or music send it over in either an Mp3 or WAV file. – June 8 2010

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  1. Nice start – always the most important piece.

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